NAYAN / Archangel of Balance  [ neye - in ]

Angelic Sphere: Shadow

Weapon of Choice: Dual-Blade Long Sword (Absolution)







Mantram: "No shadow, no light."


SLIV'AHN / Archangel of True Self  [ sliv - on ]

Angelic Sphere: Shadow

Weapon of Choice: Dual-Wield Swords (Sever)


To know Sliv'ahn was to love him. With childlike wonder and appreciation for life itself, Sliv never left the present moment—and allowed himself to feel with no filter.


He met enemies in battle with the same gratitude as a lover in his bed chamber, knowing all interactions had purpose and beauty. If he were meant to kill you, it was his honor; if he were meant to love you, he would do so to the fullest.


Described as a "happy warrior", Sliv could fight, dance and drink with the best of them.


Mantram: "Death tomorrow, ale today."


SAMSARA / Archangel of Forgiveness  [ sem - sar - uh ]

Angelic Sphere: Shadow

Weapon of Choice: None


Few beings as powerful as Samsara have kept their ego in check, but for her kindness was as natural as breathing. As the strongest Archangel alive in her time, she could have destroyed with impunity—yet she chose to create.


Samsara was not only the first steward of the sword Rapture that refused to wield it, she remains the only mother to have two Archangel children: Ziva & Logos. 


Her fingerprints still glitter throughout Chandra's architecture and Sanctum's hallowed halls, written in sage words that came to define the crux of angel and human conflict.


Mantram: "Who I seek, I am."


LEVIATHAN / King of the Seraphim  [ luh - vie - uh - thin ]

Angelic Sphere: Seraph

Weapon of Choice: Greatsword (Havoc)




VAEL / Archangel of Shadow Sight  [ vale ]

Angelic Sphere: Shadow

Weapon of Choice: Tri-Blade Greatsword (Rapture, The Dreadblade)


Born to counterbalance Leviathan's rise, Vael was the first of only twenty-eight Archangels to live and die in Chandra. Among thousands of Seraphim and millions of common Angels, he was the only being of his kind for more than five-hundred years.


A day of dread changed everything, leaving the fate of all life on Earth in Vael's hands. For his part there was no Archangel as consequential, nor as misunderstood.



Mantram: "Close your eyes if you want to see." 


LOGOS / Archangel of Redemption  [ lo - gose ] 

Angelic Sphere: Shadow

Weapon of Choice: Dual-Blade Greatsword (Judgment)



VESUDAH / Archangel of the Infinite  [ veh - su - dah ] 

Angelic Sphere: Shadow

Weapon of Choice: Yours


It was said that if you knew the names of only two Archangels, the first would be Ziva, the other Vesudah. And for her part there was truly no one like "Ves".


With extraordinary physical talent both in battle and competitive sword-dancing, Ves was the one Angel of Chandra that everyone feared and respected equally.


Her signature was as terrifying as the spread of her chromatic wings: in and out of combat, Ves' weapon perpetually changed shape & style to match that of the next enemy she killed.


Mantram: "Raise your weapon." 

LILITH / The Serpent   [ lil - ith ] 

Angelic Sphere: Serpent

Weapon of Choice: Dual-Wield Daggers (Blight)


Unique in her own right, Lilith was the byproduct of Leviathan's ego and human greed. Told from infancy not to disobey, she loved nothing more than defying authority.


Obsessed with self, The Serpent poisoned everything she touched. Blind to where it would lead, only Zi could force her eyes open... though by then it was far too late.



Mantram: "Just a taste." 


SIRIS / The Gate Keeper   [ sigh - riss ] 

Angelic Sphere: Seraph

Weapon of Choice: Greatsword (Ruin)


With unmatched ability to tap emotional fury, Siris was nightmare incarnate on the battlefield. The fusion of his celestial bloodlines granted savage offensive strength, while also making him nearly impossible to kill—a combination that brought enemies swiftly to their ends.


As the "Gate Keeper", his fate was inseparable from Zi's... in ways neither would understand until after The Fall.



Mantram: "In fire, be reborn." 



False prophets preach of Angels bearing halos and feathered wings, armed with the gift of polite suggestion. Yet in the Old World our kin carried a sword if anything, and the only order with wings were "Arch"; a sphere of celestial warriors so hauntingly beautiful they became living legend.


And though Archangels were polite, their Dreadsteel blades made few suggestions. 


ZIVA / Archangel of Vengeance   [ zee - vuh ]

Angelic Sphere: Shadow

Weapon of Choice: Tri-Blade Greatsword (Rapture, The Dreadblade)


Born in the final age of the Old World, Ziva was an Archangel unlike any other. Known for cutting wit and unsurpassed skill in battle, she stood alone as the sole warrior of Sanctum never defeated in single combat. 


While Shadowkin called her Zi, most Angels in Chandra knew her as "The Immortal Queen"; a moniker whose true meaning would come to light only in the end.



Mantram: "No shadow, no light."