It's no coincidence you're here. You've always heard her call on some level, a Shadowsong in the background, whispering an ancient tongue in your ear. The voice says... Wake now, Angel of Sanctum. Become your true self.

You're beginning to piece it together—who and what you are—awakening more each moon. You once had wings in another life, not of feather or cloth but shredded steel, as deadly as they were beautiful. And you will fly again.

The question is not if you were ever an Angel, only of what sphere. Were you killed by Zi in battle, or did you die defending her?

And when The Immortal Queen rises, which side will you be on...
Mercy, or Vengeance?


Buried but not dead. Remnants of our home remain beneath the surface, should you have the courage to look.

In the Old World nothing manmade rivaled Chandra's beauty or the scale of her designs. Generations of Angels left their mark here with tributes great and small, building a life in balance with nature.

There is our most sacred landmark, The Temple of the Immortal Queen... a blackened pyramid forged in pure Dreadsteel, built to honor Zi before she was even born. The Road To Temple was a work of art too, and daily rite for many Shadowkin.

And what of Sanctum, the Archangel's Shadowkeep? Or The Dread Mines, their mineral rich source of raw material for weapons & armor. 

How about Lithe, the colossal fortress of the Seraphim? A monument to Leviathan's ego and the largest continuous structure ever created.

You know these names. What will it take to make you remember?


Ziva was born perfect. Her soul spread a blank canvas destined for Sin’s stain, though not through any deed of her own. Wounds she carried were opened by others, shredding empathy into wrath one betrayal at a time.

Long before her death in the Old World, all light and color was torn from her wings. Compassion had morphed into anger. Anger became revenge. In the end she was forced to make a terrible choice—one final act of sacrifice—ensuring she someday rise again. As the Archangel of Vengeance, balance would demand the weight of sword.

Reborn in the New World, the sun has set and The Immortal  Queen approaches. She offers a simple choice: wake from your dream and join the fray, or forever sleep in fire.

It’s time now to become your true self—for fate is whispering the Shadowsong. Archon is more than Zi’s story... it’s a memory you don't yet recall.